I grew up with a mama that made every little corner of the room beautiful. She added seashells to window sills and stained glass hangings to every window. As I grew into adulthood I couldn’t help but notice that all the places that I often find myself possess this feeling of bewitching magic that helps me transform from a low vibration to higher states of expansion and awarenesses.

Violet’s altar shifts and changes according to how well I detach from time-to-time so that I may allow the Universe to orchestrate the details. My altar reminds to take my sticky little hands off the controls. I look at Violet pictures everyday because I know my intentions and inspired actions are every bit as important as letting go…

Beginning a new business of my own has been exhilarating. I wake up each day and sit in easy crossed legged pose and meditate on the value I add to the services I lovingly and intuitively provide.
I have a choice about what types of clients I want to work with. Creating a sacred space to envision and feel abundant is paramount to my daily rhythm. I always begin with these POWER-FULL words: I AM.
I am a graceful and integrity-minded business owner!


Nature windowsills are so fun to create! A corn doll that my youngest son made, Rain’s deeply personal and inspiring Violet Vision card and bright colors add life and sparkle to light filled windows. Often I find my children touching the objects and using their imagination when they notice a new nature scene. When I was young, I used to do the same thing.


This friendship/kinship altar rotates every few weeks, as I celebrate a different girlfriend of mine. It is these ties that bring me through dark periods in my life, tapping into the energy of the sisterhood. Pictures are therapeutic and almost instantly help me go from feeling hopeless to feeling sadness to inner peace. I’m noticing lately the theme of sunshine in many of the little altars in my life. This one is April and I at a quaint seaside beach near her home in Northern California.


Citrine from Brazil that was found at a little rock shop in the Sonoran Desert lights up my newest altar. Citrine is known to enhance spiritual prowess… I concur. The chunk sparkles so that my eye catches it, the next thing I notice is a Violet vision card entitled “detach” that reminds me over and over again that I only have control over so much and that it is helpful to visualize what I want and then take my focus off it, getting out of the way. A process I have come to trust and have faith in.


Preparing for my first 5 K deserves an altar to be sure! Reminding my SELF that my body is meant to move gives me the incentive to strap up my sneakers, praise my sports bra and get out there and sweat it up! Trail running is my new passion and these pictures affirm my body’s beauty and grace.




Violet: The Memoir

Violet Vision Cards

Step inside these Violet Vision Cards, created by our very own Rain Cameron, to expand and explore the landscape of your emotions and senses.

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