Driving Dates


I drive. A lot.

Currently my main squeeze lives an hour and a half away, literally over several rivers and through the woods to a mountain cabin, the drive also includes traveling over a steep pass and traversing three freeways. The anticipation of seeing him and the terrain still inspires me, but after four years of this arrangement, I can grow weary of the haul to my honey. This is coupled with the many short jaunts I take in town, ferrying my four children who don’t yet drive to and from school, sports and lessons.

I occasionally listen to music, but often the radio is too hit and miss for me and I am too much of a luddite to figure out the satellite radio/Pandora thing. I also seem to lack the oomph to get more songs on my iPhone and am tired of my limited playlist.

Last Christmas I was given Barbara Kingsolver’s book, Flight Behavior and then loaned Steve Jobs, the two of these tomes got me hooked on books on tape. I actually now look forward to driving, even the 180 roundtrip trek to my boyfriend’s, because I got to listen to language, be inspired and learn new things.

Audio books are expensive to purchase, but at the library I can check them out. I have disciplined myself to only get one at a time. In my early days, I was greedy and would take out several. Now I know a long one or two shorter ones take me the allowed three weeks to enjoy. At the library, I always head straight to the memoir section, here a selection I would like to work through.


I often have two CDs going at once, with my children I am listening to The Power of Half, about a family in Atlanta who sold their mansion and gave away half of the money. I used to read to my kids when they were young and have missed sharing a common story as they started reading independently. Listening to books together has given us a new layer of connection I had been missing.

There is something about being read to that makes me feel cared for. I especially enjoy when it is the author’s own voice doing the reading as in the case of Barbara Kingsolver and the most recent book I am enjoying, A Natural Woman by Carole King. I had the incredible fortune to go to New York while I was at the tail end of her book. My mother gifted me to trip and when I arrived she asked if I wanted to go to the Broadway Show, Beautiful: The Carole King Musical. The event was extra special because I had been steeped in her life and the music history she embodied. Below are the books I am juggling on my passenger car seat with my other necessities, lotion and a notebook.


I do believe in the adage, “thoughts become things” as one of my virtual mentors, Mike Doole reminds us. Below the playbill for the Carole King Musical.


Here is a statue outside the Lacey Timberland library that speaks to sharing of books.



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