Scribes and the Stones


A little window to our writing process, this is Deborah’s excerpt from our book, Violet the Band: How Three Everyday Women Rocked Everything

I was feeling a wee bit guilty I wasn’t saving the world (getting a nursing degree is my Plan B, for Rain it is completing her sign language certification, for Kristin it would be sales and marketing) until I read my daily positive affirmation quote, which said, “Do what makes you feel frisky.” Love that word and writing about music is about as frisky as I can be. Although I must add in our defense, while Rain and I collaborate, shooting texts and emails like Nerf darts across the five miles between our homes, both the dishwasher and the washing machine are usually chugging away. Even more purposefully, Rain is often nannying (at the time of this writing, Angelbaby, her young charge, as I call her, was respectfully napping).

Rain and I have way more ideas than time for this endeavor. And actually playing our instruments takes, um, discipline. The writing is generally a bullet train in Tokyo, we just try to jump on as they roar past. Here are our text exchanges this morn, pure poetry if I might say! I (Deborah) am italicized:

9:12 If you want to get our bios all on one page, we need to shorten them up a bit…emailing you my possibility…..just read “Ballad of the Band” blog – hilarious, omg!

9:15 Will check out your bio now…glad u like ballad, was hoping my pieces weren’t too “done” and flip, difficult to find right tone..

9:16 the cloud of dandruff killed me (was that true?! – poetic license, too good to omit even if it is slander!)..I am still laughing thinking of it!

9:48 Oh goody, I’ll be the comic relief. Adding to Keith piece now. Didja see my bio yet?

9:50 great! do you wanna add one more sentence? do you want to add in Lover’s Package piece to Ballad? this is so fun, Rain, we are doing it!

9:52 K to both!

10:03 In your piece, wondering if you get lost in the drumming and then find rather than lose all…just a thought!

10:06 one more task, check out Violet’s email if you can :)

10:07 Will think on it, too much fun, my partner in crime!

10:10 Want Kate Winslet to play me in Violet the Movie, love!

10:11 Perfect. I have dibs on Julie Delpy (French actress)!! Hey, that’s a piece right there!

10:12 You writing it? and who is the other French gal Kristin loves?

10:13 Oh yah, Cecile de France can play her!! Yup, I’ll write it up. This makes nannying tolerable..

10:15 sending over a poem, “Let It Bleed” can go in too, we could each write one a day at this rate, girlfriend…I am working on “Three’s Company”

10:32 Check out Ballad of Band now…

10:35 You’ll have to get Kristin’s ok on that one! Are we keeping this PG-13 for now?! Pretty sure dildos are rated R, we could say something like, “to check out their scanty knickers…”

10:40 It would be fun to expand on finding name, Violet…I could write that one in a stand alone piece, “How to name your girl band.”

10:41 Perfect..I will take out dildo (pun intended)!

11:33 Oh yeah! this poem has to go in!! One extra word (are) in twelfth line. Mick would cream!

11:34 great work on revisions, I’ll incorporate them all. thanks for nod to poem, doll…we’ll get Mick to read it when he checks out our site…he has to do something in between gigs and yoga classes

11:39 Amen! Great work this am! time to clean kitchen

11:42 this was uber to rally me-self… wash hair or don stylish beret?

11:43 or shave head?!

11:44 Sinead O’Connor already did that one…

11:45 drat!


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