Long After the Flowers are Gone


I like to immortalize special gifts with photographs. These tulips were picked for me by my honey from his garden in the house he grew up in. Soon after I received the bouquet the house was sold and the gardens were destroyed during a remodel. I like how this photograph shows the garden bugs which hitched a ride.




The backdrop is my bedroom wall which I painted the color of a seashell during my marriage, the vase was one my ex and I picked out at the Portland airport. The marriage and the wall have changed. Amazing to think back, when we bought that vase, such a symbology of holding, that the vessel of our marriage would be no more and I would love another man, his flowers would grace it.


Last summer on the urgings of a dear friend, we painted my bedroom a dusty blue. My bedroom hosts many a Violet meeting and photo shoot. Here what the flowers saw…



Violet: The Memoir

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