Memoir Magnifico!


Violet reads a lot of memoirs and when we’re done we like to pass them around. Many of our most delicious chats have been sparked by a great passage or a touching encounter. I like to honor the stories by placing the books in an inspiring setting and photographing them.

Goldie Hawn drew me in during a particularly hard spot in my life, she single handedly blew fresh air into my creative drought with her candid observations about stardom and her lack of ego around her hard won success.


The Untethered Soul has taught me many things about how my consciousness is tethered to the ego and how I can make a shift in my thinking so that my current relationship with my psyche is a positive one. You can have a different relationship with your mind!


I’m With the Band found me on my 39th birthday. The cover along is eye popping but what’s inside is even more revealing. Pamela Des Barres bares everything from her intimate relationships with rock and roll legends to her heroic inner process of finding self love in a world that seems to value ego and excess.



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