Scorpion Moon


We had a Violet mini retreat in celebration of the full moon. Before the moon rose we had a bit of business, the taking of our very official portraits for the back cover of our first memoir, in a photo booth at the local gay bar where we used to get our groove on (we seemed to have moved past that stage, preferring kundalini yoga and full moon gaping).

We passed by this Violet-y cat after our photo foray. He seemed equally anticipatory of the Scorpion moon, which we had heard was about facing your weaknesses and cleaning up your vibration around relationship with a cosmic dose of truth.


Here our feet on some cool mosaic tile where we parked, Kristin looking very Mid-Summer-nightish



We communed at Seven Oars Park, a pocket park tucked behind a roundabout, a little forgotten hillside that a brilliant city planner resusciated. Rain carries our blanket



After some port, Deborah’s new favorite indulgence (she buys a bottle every full moon) she busted out her guitar and we sang campfire style. This was the fist time Violet has sung in “public,” the lone dog and his owner didn’t alert the authorities…



Rain read an excerpt from her latest memoir


Kristin listened while reclining, enjoying the warm night, so rare for spring in Olympia. The moon delivered, we gasped to see it rising over the city


Us, in it’s reflection



Violet: The Memoir

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