Serving Trays, Make Everyday Excellent!

I once read that the Quakers insist everything in their homes be useful as well as beautiful. I have long kept this in mind when acquiring. Many of my favorite art pieces are pitchers and vases, plates and baskets. I find trays fit the bill – used to transport books, games and food, they elevate a forgettable snack or leisure into something grand and fanciful.

Surely this invitation to a child could compete with the television!


Here a special night cap showcasing two trays spooning, lover not included…


Trays hold history, reminding of us of the time and place we received them. This workhorse of a tray, big enough to hold my computer and day timer, was purchased when my daughter and I went on a writing date in Chehalis, Washington. My son had gifted her a certificate and we found the Shady Lady boutique to be full of surprises. I debated whether this one was worth a twenty spot, but have long been glad I splurged.


Trays signal comfort, whether one is ill of body or lovesick. Here tea, a journal and Pema Chodron offer succor


Some trays are more function than flare, here a tray near my bed which helps me order the never ending piles of books and more


Speaking of function, I keep mine not in use on a high shelf in the pantry, they beckon to be of service


Finally, it can be fun to use trays as temporary displays, offering up percussion below, who couldn’t resist trying their hand at a rhythm if this was passed around!



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