Violet The Band

How Three Everyday Women Rocked Everything

Three busy women with no musical knowledge start a rock ‘n’ roll band and discover a fresh new world of rehearsal rooms, dive bars, blisters and unexpected bliss. This heartfelt, edgy and passionate memoir is the answer to the question, “How is the band?” which is really many questions, like “How is it to embrace the creative process, to be a beginner, to give yourself permission to become freer, braver and wilder?”



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This is the reason to buy an ebook!  Violet the Band: How Three Everyday Women Rock Everything is illustrated in gorgeous full color with almost a hundred artistic photographs telling our story.





Excerpts From The Book

By Rain

“I’m going to form a band called… Skanty Knickers.”

One fabled night in March 2010, my good friend, Deborah and I were trolling the streets of our town, Olympia, Washington, at this point in the evening feeling no pain.  My stilettos were catching in every other treacherous sidewalk crack when I felt a sudden jolt of inspiration (or perhaps it was my heel).  Said I, “I’m going to form a band called… Skanty Knickers.  I’ve wanted to be in a band all my life, and I just ran out of excuses not to.  It will be my coping mechanism.  Get dumped by your husband after 20 years, start a band.  It’s completely logical, really.  Hiccup.”


By Deborah

“Was I in?  My life was completely insane, it seemed crazy not to.”

The next time I saw Rain she offered me a madcap idea – she was forming a band.  Was I in?  My life was completely insane, it seemed crazy not to.  In the past, I had taken a few guitar lessons and stopped every time I had a baby.  I would master a few chords and then quit, using lack of time and sleep as an excuse.  At forty-two, I felt if I ever wanted to actualize this dream of mine, to sing while I played guitar, time (which I’d never had anyway) was no longer an excuse.  My Arbor acoustic, which I had moved a dozen times, had been patiently waiting for two decades.  Having someone to be accountable to, plus have fun with, was the missing ingredient all those years.”


By Kristin

“One day (Rain) asked me a question that was to change our lives.”

Rain and I used to home school together eight years ago in San Diego.  Back then she wore multiple shades of gray, was married and shopped at the military PX. Now she lives in our uber cool town of Olympia, sports knee-high rock star boots in various colors and has dyed her hair blond.  I have always been attracted to her stories, as she is an expert at noticing the fine details and putting them into writing.  When her heart was broken, I felt her pain because she documented all of it – the nitty gritty and the grace. We even lived on the same land two years ago, holding each other and healing. Our kids became brothers and sisters. I would do anything for her.  One day she asked me a question that was to change our lives.”


Reviews of “Violet The Band”

“Sex And The City meets Glee with a dash of Portlandia.”

- Frank Flynn


Kelsey Martin Brown

“Both engaging and endearing, and very real.”

If you’ve ever wondered about the path not taken, or thought of what it would be like to finally live out that long-time dream, then this engaging and entertaining memoir is well worth a read. Violet the Band: How Three Everyday Women Rocked Everything is a witty, gritty story published by three women who decided to start their very own band “in the thick of mid-life.” These three moms take turns giving voice to the no holds barred story of their courageous second chapter. They chronicle the band’s evolution, from learning to play instruments to performing onstage. With life’s daily dramas, from divorce to ballet class to living life to the fullest on often scant resources, they carve out the time to get out of their comfort zone and follow their muses. With frequent band research trips that involve fun with fashion and detailing of Olympia’s varied and often underground music scene, the story of their journey is both engaging and endearing, and very real. They offer the memoir as an inspiration that ultimately is “all about the process,” and along the way forge the deep kind of friendship that women have, based on honesty and hope.


Julie Celleri

“At once hilarious, daring, and intricate.”

Reading this book is like going to the family reunion of a stranger named Violet, meeting her beloved cousins, aunties & uncles, hearing hours of deliciously detailed stories of her life, and then boom – she walks in the door with a warm embrace, and you just smile and nod, with a knowing grin of recognition. These women – at once hilarious, daring, and intricate – masterfully cull the treasures of every day’s seemingly mundane moments. Their stories not only invite, but cajole you laughingly into an exploration of your own each-day’s-happenings, and the exquisite music that exists between the lines. This collection is more than a stroll through one chapter in these women’s lives. It’s an intimate introduction to the matrix of musical heros and inspirations, that in themselves, paint a portrait of these ladies’ passion and heart, and wonderfully contagious joie-de-vivre. Be prepared to pull out from your own back closet whatever wily dreams you’ve had on hold, and take up the gutsy followthrough to adorn your own, in whatever hue of Violet-inspired song that is You!



“Left me inspired and shouting for an encore.”

From Grrrls ROCK! This book will strike a chord in every creative momma that has thought “I am too busy, old or lack real talent,” all while riding a trail of snot?! The real honesty and willingness of these women to morph into something new left me inspired and shouting for an encore!



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