Violet Vision Cards


Created by our very own Rain Cameron, these Violet Vision Cards expand and explore the landscape of your emotions and senses. Focus on a pressing issue in your life, be it love, work, money, or perhaps direction. Ask yourself, what energy would best serve me in this moment? Draw a card at random or choose one deliberately to concentrate on. Our band Violet selects one at the start of every band meeting. It’s a great way to set the scene for intentional being and bad-assness!




high-res-sample-card-#1-unleash-138px high-res-sample-card-#2-bask-138px  high-res-sample-card-#4-submerge-138pxhigh-res-sample-card-#6-transcend_138pxsample_vision_card_steep_thumb sample_vision_card_rage_thumb sample_vision_card_flourish_thumb sample_vision_card_dream_thumb


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