Violet’s Immaculate Conception


The name Violet for our band was conceived in the parking lot of a grange (most likely not the first or last conception there!). “True Story,” as Kristin likes to say. We had planned on listening to music, but it was a bust, so we busted out a bottle of wine and Deborah’s MacBook and took some photos.


Rain looking very rock-starish


Can we write off the Rv, if we use it for Band Research?!


Our favorite photos from our photo shoot

Photo on 2010-09-04 at 19.41 #3_3

Photo on 2010-09-04 at 19.44 #4

Below is the story of how we chose the name Violet written by Deborah, excerpted from our memoir, Violet the Band: How Three Everyday Women Rocked Everything.

The parking lot of the grange was empty, but for a few pickups and a few young bucks milling around out front. We can’t swear we saw a confederate flag in one of the trucks, but it had that feel. We pulled our rig out front and reconnoitered. None of us were drawn to check out the music so we opened the wine and had a pow wow instead. We brought up the subject of our band name – Skanty Knickers, the tongue-in-cheek name Rain had originally come up with, was out, and we were tossing around the name Pearl. We liked the symbolism, the simplicity of one word, that a pearl is the way a creature makes lemonade out of lemons, but the association with Seattle band Pearl Jam was haunting us and we just weren’t jazzed. Minx was also in the running. Again one word that felt good in the mouth, but we didn’t want a primarily sexual vibe with our name.

Here we are celebrating




Violet: The Memoir

Violet Vision Cards

Step inside these Violet Vision Cards, created by our very own Rain Cameron, to expand and explore the landscape of your emotions and senses.

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