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We Are Violet is a creative collaboration between three women who believe that life, every morsel, is an opportunity for radical opening, allowing and loving. We Are Violet is a cauldron, a buffet, a festival to sample and experience new ideas and ways of being. It is where we have captured our goosebumps and thrill chills. A tone, a song, a gesture, a movement toward something real and raw, we encourage you to journey with us and express it all. We believe every day should have moments that feel like a holiday. Sparklers, anyone?

We use Violet as our name when we co-create, on some of our blogs you will find her, she is the voice of the three of us. Other offerings are individual and noted as such. We post regularly on Facebook, Instagram and YouTube, all with slightly different offerings, you can find us under “we are violet.” On our blog we post twice a week, on Mondays and Thursdays.


Rain Cameron

rain bioI have lived on five continents and speak four languages, one of them well. My travels are inseparable from the music that accompanied them. Frank Sinatra while driving cross-country in New Zealand, Bach’s Brandenburg Concertos in the foothills of Java, and Roxy Music in Lance’s dorm room in Massachusetts.

Christened Laraine, I was nicknamed Miss Rain by a four-year-old friend, and the name stuck. Luckily, I came to roost in soulful Olympia, Washington, home of plaid wool shirts, indie bookstores and Coffee as Religion (no, that’s not a band name, but it could be). Yesterday I was described as being “in orbit.” I will likely stalk anyone wearing a Joy Division t-shirt. Drumming, for me, is zen meditation. Finding that elusive groove, and riding it, is a metaphor for life.

I look forward to hobnobbing with rock ‘n’ roll’s most blatant libertines and collaging album covers for them. It’s okay, too, if it only happens in my head, like everything else. I am the grateful recipient of hugs from my man, two daughters, two dogs, two cats, and that rabid, flowering vine that sprouts beside my garage door. For more hijinks, visit www.raincameroncross.com.


Deborah Grace

deb bio

I always wanted to be a blues singer. Joining a band at forty two was the fourth time I have attempted to learn guitar, before I always ended up with a baby strapped to my chest instead of a Martin. When I find a song I love, I listen to it about fifty times. My favorite inventions are the bicycle, anything Apple makes, and my Vitamix blender. I want to be a living example of finding my bliss and letting the money follow.

I am practicing the art of being in flow, all while holding fast to a grand vision – a creative peaceful world where beauty and justice is what’s for breakfast, lunch and dinner. I spend my days coordinating a carousel of children all the while wielding a laptop and a minivan. If I have a spare moment, I am usually playing online Scrabble or busting out a yoga move. I have been described as a hummingbird, flitting from one flower to the next and a huntress with my arrow pulled taut – I get whiplash sometimes trying to follow myself. I call the Northwest home and appreciate it all, ping ponging from the snow to the sea. My muses are varied – Nature in it’s million incarnations, my kids endlessly, an array of goddesses I am privileged to call friends and my partner who works like Goliath and plays like Dionysus.

I would check the “writer” box, if I had to be put in a box. I write poetry and memoir which can be found here on the Violet site and on my website deborahgracepoetry.com. I was once asked how I could write so easily about faking orgasms and screaming at my children and coffee enemas. My answer was to push send and go on to the next poem barreling down the pipeline. I use the following questions when I am pondering a decision, “If I wasn’t afraid, what would I do?” and “What would love do?”


Kristin Rizzeri


My most enchanting day would look like this: yellow sunflower-colored VW bus with a pop-up roof and an awning that protects roadside rainy picnics. My brothers and sister and I would take a little jaunt down to Baja. Sitting on our surfboards we would look out into the sunset and give thanks for being together. Our hippie/screenplay-writing father would pull up in his large houseboat and give us his hand to help us board all the while managing not to upturn the White Russian in his other hand.

Traveling is my passion and began as a child when my parents decided to become even happier and split. My dad was in the Army which took him to faraway lands like Wa., D.C. , Seoul, Korea and Olympia, WA. Angsty and heartbroken as a teen I flew to Puerto De Sagunto, Spain for a summer and came back less of a depressive. Travel gave me the gift of shaking up my life and therefore shifting focus.

Recently in a therapy session I got up on a massage table and my practitioner energetically cleared the two walls that were around my heart and fortunately she said, “the second one was only five miles long!” This is when I began to consciously envision my heart on a daily basis, giving it a color, feeling it pump, imagining it moving blood around effortlessly, sending out love vibes to my community at large.

Violet has given me the opportunity to live my life my way and make no apologies. Learning how to be truly free from others’ judgements has been a lifelong journey. When I interview people for our website I always make sure I clarify what it is that they are telling me, as opposed to what I think I hear. I would say that communication is something that I always think I have a good grip on and then I fall flat on my nose.

Learning about others’ dreams is my passion. My own dreams come in the form of co-writing movies with my dad, pushing my own boundaries by working on Violet projects, co-directing movies with my bestie Scout and learning the ancient art of Indian dance. The Universe is working in my favor and if I continue to feel good then my manifestations have no choice but to come true.


Violet: The Memoir

Violet Vision Cards

Step inside these Violet Vision Cards, created by our very own Rain Cameron, to expand and explore the landscape of your emotions and senses.

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